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How to start of a Comicon with a bang (pt 1)! #pantyhose #stockings #nylons

I decided to meet Alexia the Saturday of Comicon. I wasn’t going to be finished with my costume before then since I was still waiting for most of it to be delivered. I wasn’t even sure what she was going as but she assured me that it would involve pantyhose, boots and what she only said as “other stuff too.”

I couldn’t wait to see her. Already knowing every inch of her body, her luscious curves, her sexy way only made the anticipation of what she was going to come as that much greater.

I wasn’t sure if I was to get a room for the night or if we’d go back to either of our places. I mean it isn’t like Comicon is a huge drink-fest or anything. So we’d be ok to drive. My only issue was if she had my cock on full alert for hours would I be able to stand a 45 minute drive. My guess is I wouldn’t so I booked a hotel room downtown.

As Saturday rolls around, I start putting together my stuff. I was going as Subzero from Mortal Kombat. I had his blue mask, chest protector and gauntlets specially made by a friend who sews really well. Of course I just got a ninja outfit online. It worked.

Alexia still wouldn’t tell me what she was going to wear but said that all in all it “wasn’t that big of a deal” but she figured I’d like it. I told her where I was parking so she’d meet me in the same place. I asked if we needed to sort of “gear up” before meeting or would we get dressed together. I figured we could check in and get changed in the room if we needed to. “I’m already dressed” she said. “So you do whatever you need to do.”

I told her I’d be good to go by the time we got together. The late morning rolls around and I finally pull up. I found a nice sort of unpopulated area of the garage and texted her where I was. Soon enough I see her pull up. Of course she parks on the side of me where I can’t see her all that well as I was on my own passenger side getting my crap out of the car and getting ready.

All I saw was what looked to be a black sort of dress since all I could see was her head, face and shoulders. Her hair was rolled and looked fantastic. Her make-up was perfect. But it wasn’t anything in particular. I shouted out “Are you here for Comicon or did we have a dinner date I forgot about.” Which of course would never happen to begin with. If we have dinner dates…we HAVE dinner dates. She always dresses to the nines for them and I love that about her.

“Nope. No date. You’ll see in a second” she smiled back.

She then makes her way around the car and I see what she’s in. The black dress is a skimpy Darth Vader dress. Her arms are covered with black elbow length gloves. She has on black Wolford pantyhose only to be finished off with her black leather calf high stiletto boots. She was a vision. A perfectly sexy, completely nerdy vision.

All I could muster was a “WOW” and that was only after I picked my jaw up off the floor.

“Well, I figured if I did my best to recreate your Team Unicorn All About That Base video I’d probably fit in pretty well here.” And she did.

“But what about the other stuff? I mean don’t get me wrong. That’s pretty fucking amazing so I’m pretty happy if that’s the end of it.”

She doesn’t even bother to look around and says “well, there’s this” as her gloved hands reach down to the bottom of her dress and pulls them up. No panties. No gusset. “Yea. I cut it out this morning. You know you want to fuck me in this. Wearing this……..don’t you?”

Again, my jaw was on the ground. In a puddle of its own drool too. “OH MY GAWD YES I DO!”

“Oh, and I may have started by myself thinking of you while putting this together. I masturbated before…and on the drive here. Here you go” as she bends her knees and spreads her lips. She then pulls out the gusset she had cut out earlier. “It might…just might smell like my pussy. Do you want it?” and reaches over to me and wipes it under my nose. It was definitely still damp with her juice. She reached down to my cock, wondering if I was already at attention. “I guess you do. That’s pretty hard. Is there any precum for me to lick yet?”

“And as for the other surprise…here you go.” She turns around and flashes her Wolford covered ass. As soon as I was about to ask what, she pulls on her dress a bit and strings fall from her back. “It’s the black and purple corset you saw online the other week. I went ahead and got that too. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“I have a feeling we’re going to miss a few sessions this afternoon. Do you want to go ahead and go check in?”

“Yes baby. My pussy has been so wet all day. I need your cock in me. Don’t make me “force” you baby.”

There are no bad Star Wars jokes when you’re about to fuck a girl wearing a sexy Vader outfit with pantyhose.  And I’ll admit, I really liked walking through the street and the hotel lobby with her dressed like that. It is one of the few times were you can dress like a complete slut, even a nerdy slut and it be totally acceptable.  And Alexia was turning heads with almost every step. Her boots going click-clack on the tile floor. Her wavy curls of long, red hair. Her ample tits pushed up by her corset to the point of almost overflowing out of her dress. I was just trying to not walk around with a big chub or full on wood the whole time. But it was really hard. In more ways than one.

So we got to check-in and heard the 4 words that could only have made the day better. “We’ve upgraded you, sir.” I grabbed our bags and we started to head up. As we got in the elevator, I knew something would be afoot.  She pushed the button for the 21st floor and the doors shut. No one else was in with us. As soon as it started moving she spun around. She reaches down and pulls her dress up once again. She slowly lowers and squats down then opens her knees.  Spreading her legs open she reaches down to her pussy lips and begins to rub them. “I know I can’t cum by the time we hit our floor. But should I try?” She slowly and gently rubs her pussy then sticks two of her gloved fingers in just as the elevator is slowing down. She stands back up and puts her hand near my face and it smelled glorious. She’s so sweet. So tasty.

I just watched her ass sway from side to side as we walked to the room. And it was nice. A simple corner suite. Nothing spectacular but still better than standard. I was pleased. Alexia strolls to the window and rips open the drapes. “Oooooh, there’s a balcony. You gonna fuck me on it?”

I didn’t even respond. I just dropped the back and grabbed her. I threw her on the bed as she giggled and her legs carried upward, I grabbed her by the heels of her boots to keep them up there. I quickly spread open her legs and made my way do to her pussy. It was definitely wet. She was soaked. And tasty. I could eat her for days. She was easily the wettest girl I had ever been with. I’ve never seen, felt or tasted anyone get as wet as she did. I continued to lap her up while clawing at the backs of her legs but careful enough not to put a run in her Wolford’s. I’d give a hard spank every minute or so. I loved the way her ass gets so red from spanking that you can even see it through pantyhose.

“I need your cock in me baby. I need it now. Please. Please get inside me” she begged.

I was only happy to oblige. I was so horny and so ready. My cock just slid in so easily. I very much liked watching my cock enter her. I would often come all the way out just so I could watch the head of my dick continually disappearing into her juicy, warm pussy. I held her by the ankles and started pounding her. She was moaning out “YES!” and “FUCK ME!” with each thrust. She furiously started to rub her clit while a thundered into her again and again.

“I want it from behind. Fuck me doggie style honey.” As I pull out and she turns around she looks at my cock. “Oh my God. I’m all over you. It’s like you’ve already cum. God you get me so wet. So fucking horny.”

As she flips over I smack her ass hard. That spank gave a loud, audible slap. She loves those. She reaches back and grabs my throbbing member and slides it in again. I start slowly then gradually, I pound her ass harder and harder. “Oh! My! God!” she screams with each hit. “I love it when you balls slap up against my pussy like that! Keep going, baby. And I want you to cum on my ass. Don’t cum in me. Cum on me so I can walk around Comicon with your cum on my pantyhose.

Which I was only happy to oblige. I grab her hair and pull hard while slapping her ass a few more times for good measure. I feel like the warm, white explosion is coming soon so I quickly pull her dress higher up her back. I then pull out my cock to stroke it the rest of the way. A huge load spurts onto her ass cheeks and the small of her back. “Is it all on me baby? Did you cover my ass? Did you get it all over me?”

I could barely manage an “uh huh” and she turns around to lick off the remaining drippings and suck me dry. “I love your cock. And I love your cum. Thanks for cumming on me baby.” Before I could ask if she wanted a towel to wipe off the excess, she looks up at me and grabs her dress and lifts it over my spunk and then just goes about her business. “I want it all there with me. And later tonight, I want you on the balcony. In my ass.”

Who isn’t a fan of #pantyhose #layering? #stockings #feet #fetish


Yep. I’m definitely a fan of layering.
Do any of you have any favorite colors to layer? 
I’m not sure I care although I really like nudes and whites together. Black and white ends up looking like charcoal. That’s not necessarily bad of course. I’m thinking I need to get some red and white going. Maybe I’ll work on that for the holidays coming up.

What would you like?